Swiss Vault is a high-tech innovative company that helps organizations efficiently and securely manage their data forever, with low environmental impact. Our mission is to provide technologies that combine hardware and software solutions for better, economical, resilient, and sustainable data management.

Our unique approach to data storage has married the best in hardware and software to create technology that creates 80% space reduction and has 10X energy efficiency to provide more data storage within a small form factor and space footprint.

About The Team

Swiss Vault is a fast-growing company with an innovative team of thought leaders who like to collaborate in a collegial environment to support and bring out the best in each other. Our people are the key drivers of our future growth.

We are a global team based in the US, Canada and Europe with offices in Princeton, New Jersey, Victoria, British Columbia and Basel, Switzerland. We are always looking for enterprising team members, who are curious, can think outside the box and are passionate about a sustainable ecosystem.

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