Data from EV's and autonomous cars and trucks is collected for real-time decisions and actions. AI and ML are applied to this information, including archived data which must be active, to increase accuracy and reliability. Swiss Vault provides a solution for mobility use cases with its active archive technology.


Research and patient data require long term record storage, which must be cost effective and easily retrievable. On-Premises infrastructure is essential to maintain resilience and ensure reliability, especially when telemedicine services are provided. Swiss Vault's technology makes it easy to meet the active archive needs of genetic scientists healthcare organizations and providers.


Sensor data from IoT devises and on-board equipment are now analyzed using AI and ML to maintain operational and equipment integrity while predicting future maintenance. Swiss Vault's technology allows data to be collected and stored on a geo-distributed basis, with built-in security using its erasure coding system.


Financial transactions occur every second of every day and must be captured and stored for long periods of time. These files are archived, however, must also be easily accessible. Swiss Vault's active archive technology allows organizations to store data and have it easily accessible when needed.


Indoor and outdoor agriculture are now hi-tech industries using sensor data for growing, soil conditions and GPS for farm equipment. Data is collected, analyzed and stored for immediate decisions and discovering future trends. Swiss Vault is developing a unique “edge data center” hardware and software solution to meet the current and future demands of AgTech.


Movies, film, music and broadcasting generate significant volumes of data everyday which must be stored, perhaps forever. Data degradation and bit rot are major problems for the industry. Swiss Vault's self healing VFS software technology identifies and corrects these problems to ensure the quality of the data is maintained and accessible.